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Spanish Courses in Tenerife

At don Quijote Tenerife you can choose from a wide variety of Spanish courses, which range from our popular intensive course, designed to quickly build students’ general Spanish skills, to specialized classes for those looking to fulfill specific study goals. You could head to Tenerife to take a DELE exam preparation course. Maybe you want a chance to gain work experience. You may want private classes or you might just be interested in focusing on conversational Spanish. We have classes for all these interests. Are you over 50? We’ve also got a class created just for you in which you will study with other students 50 and older. We also know that participating in fun activities is a great way to make new friends, learn Spanish and enhance your overall study abroad experience, which is why we offer a scuba diving class that takes students on underwater adventures. No matter what course you choose, we look forward to welcoming you to sunny Tenerife!

Intensive Spanish Programs in Tenerife

don Quijote’s intensive Spanish courses are ideal for students interested in rapidly acquiring and improving overall Spanish abilities. In these highly interactive classes, small groups of students who are of the same level, learn and practice general Spanish skills with our highly qualified native Spanish teachers. Students can expect to participate in plenty of engaging activities where they will put recently acquired language skills to use in class. Although classes are structured, teachers are flexible and experienced in adapting lessons to suit the needs of students.

Classes focus on the main aspects of language learning including speaking, reading, and writing. We offer different Intensive Spanish courses in Tenerife suitable for all ages, Spanish levels and goals, offered year round. For those looking to maximize their immersion and learning, our Super-Intensive course offers 30 lessons a week. All of our courses also include and option free hour of Spanish culture daily.

Intensive Spanish Programs


Specialized Spanish Programs

Specialized Spanish Programs are for students who would like to focus on specific aspects of Spanish. Those interested in gaining valuable international work experience while improving their Spanish can take the Work Experience in Spain course. Anyone hoping to certify their level of Spanish by earning the internationally recognized DELE certificate is recommended to take a DELE Exam Preparation Course, which we also offer in Tenerife.

Premium and Private Spanish courses are also available to students who would like to customize their course content to focus on their own learning goals. Our specialized Spanish courses are a perfect option for anyone who is interested in building specific Spanish language skills.

Specialized Spanish Programs in Tenerife

Specialized Spanish Programs


Fun activities

We have created our fun courses for students to improve their Spanish while enjoying exciting activities. Tenerife’s sunny skies and fantastic beaches will make you want to dive into the cool waters of the Atlantic, and don Quijote offers a diving course that will give you the chance to explore scenic underwater landscapes.

Our Tenerife school also organizes fun excursions to nearby attractions and activities such as cultural classes which introduce students to Spanish culture. These are a great way to gain special insight into the culture of your host country while getting to know your classmates outside of class.

Fun courses in Tenerife

Fun activities


Spanish for 50 and Over

We welcome students each year of all ages. However, some of our more mature students feel more comfortable participating and learning with others of a similar age. That is why in Tenerife we offer a special Intensive Spanish course for students aged 50 or more.

The course focuses on improving both grammar and communication skills through interactive lessons. Students are constantly engaged and encouraged to actively participate in group exercises and activities.

Additionally, this 50+ Spanish course includes activities to help students get to know others and experience life in Tenerife. City visits, dance lessons, cooking classes, movies, crafts, and workshops are possible examples.

Spanish for 50 and Over in Tenerife

Spanish for 50 and Over


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