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Spanish School in Tenerife

The don Quijote Spanish language school in Tenerife is located on a privileged beachfront promenade in the small town of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Just steps away from the oceanfront Lagos Martianez water park and five minutes from Martianez Beach. Finding things to do outside of the classroom will not be hard to do. Puerto de la Cruz, known to English sailors as Crossport, is a historic city that was once a crossroads for European traders with America. Today you can enjoy this small town along with its mild year-round climate. If you are looking for sun, surf and relaxation, then our don Quijote Spanish language school in Tenerife is an excellent choice for your Spanish language learning experience.

don Quijote in an educational leader in Spanish study abroad programs

Why choose dQ Tenerife

24/7 Emergency phone line 24/7 Emergency phone line Guided tour of new surroundings Guided tour of new surroundings Individual language coaching Individual language coaching Computer room and free Wi-Fi Computer room and free Wi-Fi Multimedia room Multimedia room Easy access to plenty of outdoor activities Easy access to plenty of outdoor activities
Live the Spanish experience

Live the Spanish experience

At don Quijote we offer our students the opportunity to use a wide range of multimedia, study guides, and reference books. There is also fast, free Internet connection available in our school. We also have a computer room with XX workstations that are available for our students at no extra cost.
Official Credits and Certificate

Official Credits and Certificate

Language level tests are carried out on the first day of class to ensure that students are placed in the class that best corresponds to their language ability. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of their course.
27 years of teaching experience

27 years of teaching experience

don Quijote provides over 27 years of high quality Spanish teaching by certified instructors in 35 schools that spread across 11 countries and two whole continents!


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Tenerife Spanish School


Located on the island of Tenerife, known also as the “Island of Eternal Spring”, our school is housed in a traditional Canary Island-style building. There are 7 well-lit, comfortable classrooms, multimedia classrooms, a patio, an office, a teachers’ lounge, a recreation area complete with hi-fi, television, videos and library. The don Quijote Language School in Tenerife is fantastically well equipped to cater to all of the student’s needs.

Students will be able to explore this fascinating Island, including the breathtaking Teide National Park, beautiful beaches and numerous water sports activities including scuba diving. Also, don’t forget to adventure up the fabulous Toaro Valley where you can sample some remarkable wine in the shadow of the extinct Teide volcano.

With the possibility of participating in so many exciting activities, enjoying the wonderful year-round climate and being taught Spanish by high-quality native teachers; the don Quijote school in Tenerife is the perfect choice for you.

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At don Quijote we pride ourselves on the variety and flexibility of the courses we offer. Our students can choose to study for as little as a week or for an indefinite amount of time. Whatever you are looking for, we have the perfect program for you. Regardless of your age, goals or personal interests, there is a course that will fit your needs and if we don’t have a course that works for you, we can create a personalized one for you.

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Our Spanish Teachers

At don Quijote we appreciate that your study abroad experience is not only about academic lessons, but more importantly, the community and people with which you will interact with on a daily basis. You will be warmly welcomed on your first day in Tenerife by the teaching faculty who, alongside their years of teaching experience, will offer you friendly advice during your time abroad.

We believe at don Quijote that your study abroad experience is not only about studying in a classroom. We think the people around you and that you interact with daily influence you in maximizing your potential for learning a language. That’s why our faculty of teachers will welcome you warmly and, with their years of teaching experience, are prepared to help you make a smooth transition to your new surroundings.

Teacher Salomé Torres Gonzalez


Salomé Torres Gonzalez

School Director - dQ Tenerife

Spanish is a great language; we all know how important it is in the business and cultural worlds. Spanish is a language that connects so many different cultures and ways of thinking that learning Spanish is not only learning a language, it is also about learning about oneself: personally, intellectually and emotionally. At don Quijote Tenerife we are aware of this and as such, we take care of all the aspects of your learning experience.
Teacher Celia Juez Calleja


Celia Juez Calleja

Teacher at dQ Tenerife

Working at don Quijote has offered me the unique opportunity of not only teaching my native language and culture, but also learning from the students that visit us from so many different places each year. It’s a pleasure teaching a language that opens up so many possibilities for someone to communicate and enrich themselves through travel and cultural exchanges all over the world. Each day, in my profession, is an adventure that we that shouldn’t be missed. I look forward to seeing you here at don Quijote Tenerife.
Teacher Alejandra Ros González


Alejandra Ros González

Teacher at dQ Tenerife

One of the things that I like most about my job as a Spanish teacher is the ability I have to introduce students to a new culture. My experience as a teacher in Tenerife has shown me that if your objective is to communicate and immerse yourself in the Spanish speaking world, than coming here is an excellent choice since the Canary Islands have acted as a bridge between Spain and America. The linguistic peculiarities of the way we speak which include a smooth and relaxed pronunciation as well as the variety of traditions and customs here help make learning fun. You will also find that our friendly attitude and favorable climate will make your experience in Tenerife unforgettable. They say that Tenerife is a piece of paradise…why don’t you give it a try?
Teacher Carmen García Hernández


Carmen García Hernández

Teacher at dQ Tenerife

Film, literature, music, theater… Right now, culturally, Spanish is going through a period of cultural activity without limits. Studying a language like ours will undoubtedly open doors for you that otherwise would remain shut. Not only am I talking about doors that open professionally but also doors that pass into a world that lets us appreciate the cultural and artistic differences that enrich our life through language. I invite you to fall in love with Spanish as I have fallen in love with teaching the language. Come and join us if you want to open up to the world with all its richness that only language can offer.


Our Students

The don Quijote student community is made up of people from across the globe who have spent an important amount of their time with us. Here we would like to thank them for having spent time with us and share with you their personal experiences.

  • Student Tenerife

    Dorothea Stockreiter

    Tenerife 3 Weeks
    I like the teachers at the school and I have learned a lot here. It is important to me being able to chat with so many people from other countries.
    Student Tenerife

    Herman Hendriks

    Tenerife 2 weeks
    The teachers are excellent and very helpful to students. My classmates have really helped inspire me to continue studying. These have really been a great two weeks. I wish everyone at don Quijote happiness in the future.
  • Student Tenerife


    Tenerife 6 weeks
    The teachers are very good and qualified. The school has a good teaching method for all levels. When I started at the school I had never spoken Spanish and after just three weeks I was able to maintain a conversation in Spanish about various topics.
    Student Tenerife

    Mirianne Manzanell

    Tenerife 2 weeks
    The teachers put a lot of effort into making understandable, varied, and informative lessons plans. They are also very patient. It is for this reason that this is my third time studying at don Quijote Tenerife.



Accommodation in Tenerife

A very important part of your stay is where you will live and the accommodation you choose. Because of this, don Quijote strives to offer you the best quality in the range of housing solutions whether you stay at one of our residences, host families or student apartments. We know that any problem you may have with your accommodation, no matter how small, can ruin an otherwise perfect experience and distract you from your goal of learning Spanish.

We are here to make sure you feel at home, comfortable and safe.

Accommodation in Tenerife
Accommodation in Tenerife
Accommodation in Tenerife


  • Home Stay

    Staying with a host family in Tenerife will give you a genuinely authentic experience of Spanish family life. Our host families are carefully selected and many have worked with us since we began. Our families are fully aware of what it means to be a good host and making our students feel at home the moment they step in the door.

    Our students receive keys to the home where they live which guarantees total flexibility and the freedom to come and go as they please.

    There are three meal options possible: Full board (three daily meals) half board (breakfast + dinner or lunch) or breakfast only.

  • Shared Student Apartment

    Student apartments are a simple yet complete housing option. Equipped with essential features like a bed, desk, chair, closet and nightstand you will have a comfortable bedroom for sleeping and studying. There are also available additional amenities like a washing machine, ironing board, cooking utensils and linens. A television is also available in the common living-room area.

    Up to six students can live in a shared apartment. The upkeep and cleaning of all the common areas such as the kitchen and living room will be the collective responsibility of the student occupants. Also, students will be responsible for purchasing and preparing their own food.

  • Private Apartment

    For those students looking for the maximum amount of privacy and comfort we have available private apartments that you may use during your time studying with us.

    Our private apartments vary in size but are always located in premium locations across Tenerife. You have the choice of selecting a standard or premium apartment.

    The standard option is a furnished student apartment with all the basic amenities one would need to live independently while studying. The premium option includes quality furnishings and amenities as well as Wi-Fi/Internet access for no additional charge. A weekly cleaning service is also included in the premium option.

    At don Quijote we are fully aware that some of our clients want to enjoy the highest possible level of privacy and comfort throughout their time spent in Spain. For this reason, we offer the choice of renting a whole apartment during the course of your stay.

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